Our New Hefeweizen l

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Our New Hefeweizen label! We are calling it Howling Hef!

Advertisements 2nd year Hops! Expec

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2nd year Hops! Expecting great yield this year! All 6 plants are coming in strong!

It has been many Blue Moons (well, more

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It has been many Blue Moons (well, more like several varieties of Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts, and Barley Wines) since I committed to blogging our mission of “starting up a brewery”. Not to worry, much yeast has been cultivated, sweet wort fermented, and beer carbonated, and to state the obvious…consumed. The afore mentioned beer took precedence over our Howling Hef, as Chris developed new recipes to compare our brew to these styles in upcoming events. We attended Columbia Beer Enthusiasts Porters and Stouts tasting, where we met our new BBFs (beer brothers forever). Another proper HB duo starting a brewery in Columbia. Check out Hellbender Brewing – shout out! We will be packing our 2 barley wines and stout at Crown Valley Brewery in Ste. Gen, March 26th for another homebrew event. If you’re in the area and can spare $5.00 to taste an obscene amount of beer, stop by. I will try to keep my next updates shorter in the future, but I had a lot of time to cover. Oh, and it hasn’t been all play. We have finished our hefty business plan, talked to a SCORE counselor, financial planner, and are diligently working on downsizing our personal lives to raise capital for a brewery, baby! We’ll keep you posted, money doesn’t grow on trees, ya know. And to everyone we have spoken to about samples, we WILL get them to you! Believe us, we can’t get this off the ground FAST enough!!!

First Sketches of Howling Hef!

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We just received our first original sketches of Howling Hef, our first brew, a Hefeweizen!  These will be used for logos, labels, etc.  We will scan them into our computer, and bring them into, our dear friend Adobe Illustrator, so that we can tweak them and turn them into vector artwork (a fancy mathematical term meaning we can basically blow the image up to whatever size we would like, for those of you that are not graphic design gurus.) 

Howling dog? The cartoon is of Juneau, our animated husky who howls at anyone who will listen, including our 6 month old daughter.  I think she is the only one that finds it humerous these days.  However, we do feel like doing a little howling everytime we take a drink of our delicious Hefeweizen!

We Are Socially Acceptable!

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Horseshoe Bend Brewing Co. has officially become socially acceptable!  Website – check, Facebook – check, Twitter – check, blog – check.  Lets see, Facebook linked to website, website linked to Facebook, Twitter linked to website, still need to link website to Twitter, link all to blog…how about tomorrow?  Much more paperwork to do for liquor licenses.  Very close to sending off for federal.  Finish business plan – get a loan.  Please follow us on our quest, to set up a micro-brewery from the ground up at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri!